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Chinese Balloon Shot Down In front of Kingston Plantation Myrtle Beach

What a day for Myrtle Beach. But what a day for you if you live in Kingston Plantation.

(photo credit Chad Fish)

The entire world and our local community watched history in the making today. But Kingston Plantation owners had front-row seats when our Navy jets shot down the Chinese “Spy Balloon” right in front of them.

According to WPDE, “The Chinese balloon spotted across the continental U.S. was shot down Saturday, February 4th, 2023, over the Grand Strand ocean.” 

This happened in front of the Margate Tower. Also known as the “jewel in Kingston’s crown,” the Margate is a 29-story oceanfront luxury high-rise.

Can you imagine watching it happen from the 29th floor? We can’t wait to see more of our owner’s drone footage that will fill our feed soon.

One video posted by a homeowner in South Hampton said they heard what they described as a “Sonic Boom.”

And just down the road, another great shot right before it happened.

A few of our agents live in Kingston Plantation. “It was truly an experience,” says realtor Melanie Hellmer with Leonard Call At Kingston Plantation Real Estate.

Her reaction in the video said it all. You can hear cheering and people yelling USA, USA!

Listen to her live reaction from this video she took:

Video courtesy of Melanie Hellmer standing at the Embassy Suites in Myrtle Beach on the pool deck.

We discovered that before this happened, the MYR Airport grounded all flights in preparation for the attack, and naturally, we were a bit unnerved as we didn’t know what was happening.

Chinese Spy Balloon Unites Myrtle Beach and America

In America, unity seems to be unraveling. But for the homeowners in Myrtle Beach today, for just that moment, we were united. 

It was a victory.

And for just a few minutes, thousands of people all over the Grand Strand looked up to the clearest, deep blue sky we had seen all week.

Our Kingston Plantation Facebook feed instantly turned into a sea of blue with a white dot surrounded by lines of puffy circles that trialed the jets as they flew around the balloon for almost an hour.

Check out this video from Megan Miller at WBTW.

There was power in the air and fuel in their roar. 

If you were driving around the area, you would have seen hundreds of cars lining the side of the streets and parking lots full.

You could cut the tension and curiosity with a knife as we all waited on pins and needles, wondering what was happening.

Together, in unison, hoping for a resolution. 

Who would have thought a giant white air balloon would unite our Myrtle Beach community?

But it did.

And this is how we can celebrate and cheer with strangers. We will make new friends just because of one shared moment.

Speaking of new friends, some of the nicest people you will meet here at Kingston, neighbors you never spoke to, or vacationers from another state will become lifetime friends who will naturally want to meet up at the on-site Black Drum Brewing every year.

(New Brew House, Restaurant, and Oceanfront Conference Space to Open in Spring of 2023)
(Did the Black Drum Brewing on-site restaurant have a wood fire stove flown in from Italy?)

That’s just how we roll down south.

Not only that, but most importantly, today will go down in history as a pivotal moment in America, but more so for Kingston Plantation Resort owners and guests.

Here is a live video from our South Hampton Community in Kingston Plantation from the 8th floor:

Telling Generations About the Chinese Balloon Takedown: A Life-Long Tale

For Kingston Plantation residents, this will be a story that will stick for generations to come. Our on-site Kingston realtors will be talking about this for a long time.

There was breath gasping joy and relief as the smoke burst into the air after impact like a cloud, waiting to be released. Songs of victorious voices danced with the waves.

It’s right on up there with those “When I was your age…” stories. Our owners will get to show and tell their kids, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and, well, you get the point.

Myrtle Beach locals and vacationers alike will often have told stories about the devastating hurricanes of the past and,

  • how the Shag is really done
  • the fascinating shooting stars falling into the ocean
  • dolphin and shark sightings
  • the most beautiful Atlantic Ocean sunrise you will ever see
  • our famous food, attractions, and events
  • alligators and wildlife sightings galore
  • and, yes, GRITS

But a Chinese Balloon? I guess there is a first time for everything.

Thousands have already taken to social media to share incredible eyewitness stories, photos, and videos.

We will likely get to interview Bryan Bodroo, another one of our real estate experts at Kingston Plantation Condo Sales.

He is also an owner here and lives in the Margate Tower. 

We look forward to his live reaction from the stage front and center.

(photo credit Chad Fish)
(photo credit Chad Fish)

It wasn’t just the Margate Tower, South Hampton, the Embassy Suites Hotel in Myrtle Beach-Kingston Plantation, and Hilton Resorts that watched it happen before their eyes…

All of our communities had front-row seats to the event as it exploded over the Atlantic as soon as it hit the coast.

Here is a list of just a few;

You can view the complete list of Kingston Communities with front-row seats.

Current Information

Currently, the coast guard has collected the wreckage and is investigating it. Horry County Police says:

“Debris could end up in the water surrounding our area due to the balloon being shot down.”

Police said the U.S. Military is coordinating to collect debris from the ocean; however, if anyone sees debris fragments along the shore, call 843-248-1520.

“Debris should not be touched, moved, or removed as these items are part of a federal investigation, and tampering could interfere with the investigation.”

(photo credit Ed Piotrowski/WPDE)

Thank goodness the balloon drama is over, and no one was hurt.

We know we do not have the latest and most incredible photos and videos, as it just happened.

Please share what you captured in our comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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(Photo Credit Chad Fish)

Information About Kingston Plantation

Kingston Plantation is the largest, most complete oceanfront resort on the Grand Strand, located between Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. With more than a half-mile of oceanfront and 145 acres of gardens and park vistas, we offer an unparalleled lifestyle.

Kingston Plantation is full of beauty. You will find that the resort is peppered with freshwater lakes, tropical palm trees, stately oaks, and a variety of wildlife, such as black swans, largemouth bass, egrets, sea turtles, and more.

Couple this environmentally sensitive lifestyle with unmatched amenities on the Grand Strand, such as an upscale spa and fitness center, tennis courts, pickleball courts, 12 pools, a waterpark, on-site restaurants, and much more.

The addition of the Hilton Hotel and Royale Palms has added the sister property, Kingston Shores.

( photo credit Leonard Call Kingston Plantation.) The Royale Palms- Kingston Shores Myrtle Beach, S.C.

In 1985, Leonard, Call & Associates Inc. assembled a developmental team that envisioned the master plan, making Kingston Plantation one of the most successful resort developments on the East Coast.

Since 1972, Leonard, Call & Associates Inc. has been one of the Southeast’s leading real estate firms. Leonard, Call at Kingston, Inc. is the exclusive on-site real estate sales and marketing firm for Kingston Plantation. The firm’s commitment to the Plantation is focused on having three on-site offices at the main entrance, the Embassy Suites® lobby, and the Hilton® entry. All offices are open seven days a week.

With 16 communities in the resort, there are various floor plans and prices. Whether you favor lively activity or removed quietness, Kingston Plantation offers a residence to fit your taste. From luxury oceanfront towers to romantic clusters of lakeside villas and townhomes, Kingston was designed as a showcase for uncommonly high standards.

Just one visit will open your eyes to a world of possibilities. Living here is not just a place to call home; it is truly an experience.

(photo credit Leonard Call at Kingston Plantation)

If you want to own a home, condo, villa, or townhome here in Kingston Plantation, contact Leonard Call On-Site Expert Real Estate Sales Team. Or you can call them at 843-449-6400.

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  • Tamra
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    My husband and I were checking on our trailer in the overflow lot in Kingston and stood for about an hour after spotting the balloon and watching the aircraft circle it multiple times. We drove to the Brighton parking deck in the hopes of watching it more from our balcony. As soon as we got out of our vehicle, BOOM, the balloon had been hit. It truly was an amazing site seeing our military in action!

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    Oh wow, Tamra. What a day! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!

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