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5 Tips for Selling Your Home Faster in Myrtle Beach

Selling a Home in Myrtle Beach?

Selling your home in Myrtle Beach can be competitive. Here are 5 tips to help you sell your home faster and for more money.

1. Price Your Home or Condo Competitively to Sell it Fast

You need to know the current market value of your home to price it competitively. Expert real estate agents in Myrtle Beach will do the work for you and show you the comparables in your area. Make sure to hire a great agent and check their reviews, how much money they sold other homes for, and a good solid track record of selling homes fast.

Realtors will also do a home evaluation based on many factors, including the comparables retrieved. Good agents eat, sleep, and breathe real estate. Be careful using Zillow Zestimates as they are reported to be unreliable by many sources.

By relying on what you’ll find online, you may underprice or overprice your home, leaving it to stay on the market longer than you want.

2. Invest in Curb Appeal; Make a Great First Impression

The definition of curb appeal is the visual attractiveness of a house or other real estate property when initially seen by a prospective buyer standing in front of the property. As soon as potential buyers drive to your home, this is the first impression they’ll see.

If your home does not look appealing, you may get just a drive-by. But they’ll want to see more of the house if their first impression says wow! Curb appeal can make or break their decision to take a peek inside.

Investing in curb appeal is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your property. Enticing buyers with a well-landscaped exterior is a great way to sell your home fast.

You’ll want your yard, flower beds, and bushes trimmed. If any paint on the house is not in good condition, you must touch it up. Adding outdoor lighting, upgraded entrance doors, and current lighting fixtures will focus on the home’s beauty with different light shades.

You’ll want your flowers, plants, and lawn looking their best. The small things add that extra touch that will invite the potential buyer to want to see more.

You’ll see them grabbing their phone for pictures instead of driving right by.

3. Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale; The Value of an Inviting Space

Many home sellers need to pay more attention to the value of Home staging and how it helps buyers visualize their potential to live there. Remember, they’re trying to picture your home being their new home.

Create an inviting atmosphere with tasteful furniture and decorative items. 

If the house is dirty or cluttered, it could give the impression the home wasn’t cared for. The cleaner, the better, so grab your mop and start making things shine!

Lighting is everything. If you have a fireplace, use it, it sets the room’s mood. Soft, quiet, mellow music and scented candles can be an extra touch to invigorate all senses. 

picture of a condo for sale in Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach. You are looking at the living room with different shades of blue and gray furniture. There is a fireplace to the left and a ceiling fam. You can see a beautiful veiw out the windo

Remember that this is a massive purchase for a potential buyer and is always an emotional purchase.

Play on the strengths your home has. Hiring a local professional stager with proven knowledge of creating a warm, inviting space that draws buyers in is highly recommended.

In addition, look for a stager with a track record of moving homes fast for the agents and homeowners they work with.

If you consider yourself creative, love interior design and are good at it, go to Pinterest for some ideas and start having fun.

4. Professional Photography and Video Will Make or Break the Sale of Your Home

When potential buyers search online, they’ll be more likely to click on a listing with professional photographs rather than smartphone snapshots.

When looking for a real estate agent in myrtle beach, make sure they use professional photographs and videos.

Drone photos, videos, and 3D tours should be part of the shoot if your home’s selling price is $350,000 or more. That is a rule of thumb in the photography industry. However, even if your home costs $200,000, you’ll still benefit from drone work.

You may find that you will quickly beat your competition at that price point.

Look at their current listings. If you want to sell your home fast, high-quality photos are essential to setting your home apart from the competition.

For example, if you are selling an oceanfront condo in Myrtle Beach and each room has ocean views, those rooms must be lit well without blowing out the windows, making them white so you can’t see the ocean views.

This is not an easy task if you try to do it alone.

A professional photographer can capture each room’s best angles and ensure your home looks fantastic. They will have the best equipment and several lenses and know how to attract buyers as they search the internet. You only have a few seconds to grab a potential buyer’s attention.

So do not take this step for granted.

picture of a tiled bathroom glass shower in shades of teal, brown, and gray. There is a window in the shower with a view of the blue sky and tops of green trees located in Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach

5. Marketing Your Home For a Fast Sell;  Find the Right Realtor

Marketing is the key to your success in selling your home fast.

Finding the right realtor who maximizes all the tools available will be to your advantage. When searching for a realtor to help you sell your Myrtle Beach home, take the time to look at how they market their current listings.

Ask questions like:

  • How does your marketing system work?
  • Where will your home be listed? Online, in print, or both?
  • Do you have an existing database of qualified buyers?
  • How many social media channels are you on, and how big is your following?

The best agents could sell your home before you even need to list it on the MLS.

A well-thought-out marketing plan that includes every possible avenue will help you draw in buyers from all over the area. Hire an experienced real estate agent who can create compelling ads to reach your target audience.

You want to see if they post their listings on active social media sites with engaged followers.

Ask them who writes your listing description. Words matter and can draw people in by how the words they read. 

The professional copy will include your home’s best features in the description, setting the emotions, tone, and stage for their imagination. Making them hungry for more is a good motto. Before hiring a real estate agent near you, also ask them if they do open houses and how they go about doing them. 


In conclusion, the key to selling your home fast in Myrtle Beach is to invest in curb appeal, hire a professional stager and photographer, and create an effective marketing plan.

These tips can help you draw in potential buyers from all over the area with just one eye-catching listing. With the proper preparation and the best real estate company near you, you can be sure your home stands out.

Following these 5 tips will help you sell your home faster and for more money in Myrtle Beach so you can quickly move on to the next chapter in your life.

Since 1972, Leonard, Call & Associates, Inc., one of the Southeast’s leading real estate firms, has been developing and marketing the most outstanding communities in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. With a history of integrity and performance, the firm offers an impressive range of real estate services, including brokerage, consulting, development, and marketing.

The agents at Leonard, Call at Kingston Plantation, have over 200 years of combined experience in properties throughout the Grand Strand and will find the home of your dreams in Myrtle Beach.

Experts real estate agents from Leonard Call at Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach, SC
Experts real estate agents from Leonard Call at Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach, SC


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