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Kingston Plantation resort water park
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Splash Pool Wtaer Park at Kingston Plantation
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Recreational opportunities within Kingston Plantation are numerous. Aside from the obvious beach activities, there is so much more to do. Several freshwater lakes weave in and out throughout the villas and offer over 20 acres of fishing. Since Kingston Plantation is a private community, no fishing license is required. Carp, bream, and largemouth bass are plentiful in this lake. Another unique feature of this lake are black swans that inhabit this water. The original developers from England had this idea, as they were a feature on Winston Churchill's estate. You will notice that all of the communities have English names so there is obviously an English theme throughout.

There are also more than 15 pools within Kingston Plantation and Kingston Shores. The Splash Pool complex by the Embassy suites has been rated one of the top resort water parks in the United States. This is an area with water slides, water buckets, water guns, and a lazy river! The newly completed pools in front of the Royale Palms Tower and Hilton Resort also have some very special features. There are covered cabanas with TVs and Internet access that are available for daily rental. A sandy bottom pool with a waterfall feature is part of the pool complex in front of the cabanas. Directly in front of the Hilton is the large pool with a spacious wraparound deck overlooking the ocean. Owners on the on-site rental program and guests through the Embassy Suites and Hilton reservations are eligible to use many of these common amenities. Some restrictions apply in certain communities as some communities have private pools. Activity programs for children are provided free of charge every day throughout the summer for rental guests through the hotels and owners on the on-site rental program.

The fact that Kingston Plantation encompasses 145 acres also means that there are many walking trails available. A tour around the grounds will show how great care was taken to preserve as many trees as possible in the development of Kingston Plantation. The number of stately live oak trees is amazing! As a matter of fact, Kingston has been recognized by the governor as being one of the best models of a Planned Unit Development (PUD) in the state of South Carolina!
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